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Welcome to it-transforms

It-transforms offers the software "L2D converter" to medical physicists and OEMs with the unique capability to convert existing IMPAC/Lantis files to standard compliant images (DICOM R, TIF, JPEG, ...)


Conversion tested with hundreds of thousands of images and verified to work with:

  • Siemens Lantis
  • IMPAC Mosaiq
Last Updated on Friday, 27 April 2012 19:01
New it-transforms products

The Lantis2Dicom has been expanded and can now export the proprietary image data and metainformation in any desired format (xml, tif,png, jpg,...).Also, the processing of image annotations has been extended to include color and filling style of all elements. All this information can now be exported in XML format as well, allowing easy processing with standard tools.



Portal image acquired using Siemens Lantis Simulator, decrypted and converted.

(We show a test image, for reasons of data privacy).


The new LantisPlanDoc provides longterm archving of Lantis images and database information in the form of an directory structure with all information pertaining to one patient in one directory, including PDF files with treatment information and all images in standardized file formats.The created directory structure can be searched and viewed with standard tools available on every system.


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